How to Maintain Your Wooden Conservatory

Wooden conservatories, especially hardwood conservatories are much more costly than uPVC alternatives. This is due to the fact that wood and wooden conservatory are considering to be a more traditional and elegant choice to uPVC alternatives. The main reason for this is that wood and wooden conservatory are typically not exposed to a lot of direct sunlight. This means that uPVC is not as susceptible to wear and tear and therefore you will have to replace your wooden conservatory much more quickly than with uPVC alternatives.

Wooden conservatory can also be damaged by the weather wooden conservatories. For example in case of heavy rain, if it is exposed to it for more than few days, the wooden conservatory will get damaged. As a result there are some very important maintenance tips to help you keep your conservatory looking good. First of all, if your conservatory gets too wet then you should make sure that it is covered by an adequate roof and that it is not too big. Secondly, in case the sun starts damaging your wooden conservatory, you can always cover it with plastic sheeting so that you can still enjoy the view of the surrounding area.

Wooden conservatory requires quite some amount of maintenance and if you live in an area where there is a lot of humidity then you should make sure that you cover your wooden conservatory with plastic sheets at least during the summers. Moreover, you should avoid allowing your wood to become moist as water may rot in the timber and can cause damage to the wood. You can simply use water based paint to seal the wooden conservatory. There are many companies who manufacture water-based paints and there are even some that you can buy online for a cheap price. Apart from buying water based paints, you should also protect the wooden floor and the wooden roof. To do this you can use rubberised film or vinyl to cover your wooden tiles, wooden floor and any other vulnerable parts of the wooden conservatory.

Before you start installing any new parts of the wooden conservatory, you should thoroughly clean the old part to remove all dirt and dust. In addition to this you should also paint the new parts of the wooden conservatory to ensure that it is completely covered and does not look messy. This will also make the whole process of painting the conservatory easy and quick and convenient conservatories.

Wooden conservatory is also exposed to many types of damage including wind, rain, hail, snow etc. To prevent damage to the wooden floor you should avoid allowing the wind to enter into the conservatory and you should also use good quality window blinds and shutters that provide some form of protection. These are used to stop the wind entering the conservatory but you should also make sure that the shutters are cleaned regularly.

If you want to prevent water from getting inside your wooden conservatory you should add some type of moisture barrier. This can be achieved by adding some cedar logs or some other wood chips to the roof or by using the use of special polyethylene films and sheets.

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